"We are a team of weather and technology experts combining the best of weather modelling, personalised service and IT to create client-centred solutions that empower you to work safely and successfully."

Why are we doing what we're doing

We asked ourselves…

Why don’t
mariners have
access to multiple
weather models in
the forecast?
Relying on a single
Weather model
Forecasters +
mariners misjudge
weather severity +

Why can’t
operational staff
have real-time
weather forecasts,
instead of one
that’s 6 to 12
hours old?
6 to 12-hour-old
Offshore workers
cannot accurately
anticipate the

Why can’t we
use modern means
of communicatingin
critical weather
Tools that aren’t
accessible or
Slower, more
complicated, less
interpretations +

Time, money and lives lost

"The success of every offshore project begins with the weather."

At Terra Weather, we have solutions to tackle such problems. We prepare you for work in the most extreme of weather conditions, from tropical cyclones to mid-latitude depressions, fronts, surges and squalls.

"Terra Weather was born from the desire to help others. One must marry technology and service in order to deliver successful solutions."

We understand that our clients often work in weather-sensitive and time-critical operations, and that is why businesses choose Terra Weather: not only because we focus on constantly researching, upgrading and developing our technology, but also because we work hard to improve our product’s quality and custom fit to each maritime sector.

For instance, we help you monitor your entire fleet with a single click, anticipate your voyage’s delays before they occur, and provide cost-effective solutions for those in need of basic weather forecasts. We aid you in your investigations of offshore incidents. We ensure that the data presented to your decision makers is easy to understand.

"A sincere desire to educate and to provide a holistic view of both operational and engineering aspects of the maritime business, as pertaining to the weather."

Building on our expertise and success in creating weather solutions for offshore businesses, Terra Weather has also created a free online resource called Knowledge Vault. Our goal is to create a repository of information and insights to benefit the offshore community. Engineers, operational personnel and mariners alike will find this as an invaluable addition to their toolbox.

Our Mission

To help save lives offshore by enabling our clients work safely and successfully, through innovation, technology and personalised service.

Our Vision

To be a world-class leader in operational meteorology and oceanography, while using our power responsibly to educate and serve society in all aspects of the weather.

To continually push the forefront of weather technology

To create a work environment that is fun, productive and enjoyable

To help educate the maritime public about weather hazards offshore

To create solutions that enable easier and accurate decision-making



Client FocusTo create successful solutions, we understand and listen to our clients’ needs

IntegrityOur priority is to put our clients’ interests first, over profit.

QualityWe deliver quality products, which meet our clients’ requirements and specifications in a timely manner.

InnovationWe push the envelope everyday!


Our policy is to create a fun, toxic-free, safe and fulfilling work environment, with productivity + freedom + flexibility to create and communicate (and most of all, to enjoy doing what we’re doing!)



Terra Weather adheres to ISO9001:2008 standards specifically for the provision of weather forecasts and data studies globally.

We are committed to providing high standards of quality in our products and services, as a world-class provider of operational meteorological and oceanographic service worldwide. Through our rigorous quality management system, we firmly believe in implementing best practice in our daily operations.

Our Clients